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Recreation VBS August Edition | 8.19-23

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Our theme for this week of camp is Urban Peacemaking.   We’re starting our daily reflection from the famous saying of Jesus of Nazareth: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” (in Matthew 5).  Each day we’ll look at a peacemaker who changed the world, simply by doing what they thought was right.  We often think that peace is the absence of war, but peace – in the Hebrew sense of the word SHALOM – is about fullness and presence, not absence and void.  Peace is what we’re created for, meant to know and what a whole and holistic life is about.  Each day during the week we’ll hear the story of a peacemaker from the 20th century as part of a reflection of how we – your campers – can be active peacemakers here in Oakland and to the ends of the Earth.  We’ll also have reflections on why and how we need peace in Oakland.  Look for daily details and questions to discuss as a family.



The afternoons are consecrated to community service (and fun) throughout our part of Oakland.  Some of our opportunities to serve our city range from park clean up, to various Rockridge neighborhood beautification projects.  This year we’re working specifically on the renovation of Hardy Park Dog Park with Scenic Streets [link] (a local non-profit started by Rockridge residents to help beautify Oakland)!  We’ll be creating art pieces that they are using as a fundraiser to raise up to $10,000 (Dreyer’s is matching every dollar donated in the month of August) to improve the dog park so heavily used by residents from all over Oakland at Frog Park (Claremont @ Husdson).
Hardy Park Project Sign

On Tuesday afternoon we will be working with with Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) to clean-up FROG Park (Claremont & Hudson).  Be sure to wear sunscreen and good walking shoes, and maybe even a hat.  The Friends of Frog Park [LINK TO HOME PAGE] are supplying us with 30 rakes and brooms, but it won’t be enough.  If your camper would like to help clean up the edges of the shallow creek and get wet – they can do that too – if you’re interested send them with close-toed shoes that can get wet (or be changed and carried by them).  Please no flip flops!



Each day of camp as a theme and special afternoon activities.




Come dressed completely in ONE color. 

 It could be your favorite color, or the easiest one for you to do! I In the afternoon we’re working on the dog park project.




Come with a crazy updo, or use our hair sprays and gels to create your own unique hairstyle. 

Come wearing a crazy hat! In the afternoon we’re working with Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) to clean-up FROG Park (Claremont & Hudson).  Be sure to wear sunscreen and good walking shoes, and to bring a permission slip. 




It’s a bummer that Halloween only comes once a year – especially when it’s so much fun  Come dressed in your favorite Halloween Garb – wether it’s your costume from last year, what you might do this year – or something you just throw together!  In the afternoon we’re working on the dog park project.




The afternoon is dedicated to water play.  Come dressed as a beach bum or in or with your suit and a towel, maybe even water shoes.   You may want a sweatshirt & suntan lotion.





Come in your favorite uniform, sports gear or team paraphernalia .  In the afternoon we’ll be at the dog park to install our art work.

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