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Discovering Oakland sound artist Laetitia Sonami | September 24th @ 7pm

Laetitia Sonomai film advert 8/24 at 8pm at CAPC

Laetitia Sonomai film advert 8/24 at 8pm at CAPC

CAPC Oakland is providing space for a new documentary film created by local artist Renetta Sitoy – who has a connection with CAPC through Fruitvale Presbyterian Church where she previously had a studio.  Her new movie was funded via kickstarter.  Here’s a short video presenting her project that was used on kickstarter.  Check out the film’s official website at

Oakland sound artist Laetitia Sonami didn’t believe in recording her compositions or live performances — despite the fact that it prevented her from gaining a larger audience for her work — until 2010, when she casually agreed to be filmed by one of her former San Francisco Art Institute students. She had no idea at the time that her ex-student, Renetta Sitoy, (a friend of CAPC Oakland) would end up documenting one of the most challenging periods in Sonami’s thirty-plus-year career, during which she found herself starting over.

“It started as a small project — then she just stuck with it,” Sonami said, sitting surrounded by wires, sensors, and small electronics in her Maxwell Park home/studio. “I might not have accepted had I known it was a documentary.”

Sitoy didn’t put the camera down for three years — going into debt to finish the feature-length documentary, which contains never-before-seen footage of Sonami’s performances and chronicles her creative process and even a trip back to her hometown of Paris. The Ear Goes to the Sound: The Work of Laetitia Sonami will premiere on Saturday, August 24th at 8pm at College Avenue Presbyterian Church in Oakland.

….. The above text is a small article taken from the article entitled “Viewing the Sound of Laetitia Sonami” From East Bay Express.

Read the whole article, including pictures at :

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