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Team Brownsville Update

“You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”
Deuteronomy 10:19

This past Monday night we gathered to hear about Ann’s recent trip and continued work with the efforts of Team Brownsville to provide mercy, hospitality and love to the refugees in their border town and across the border waiting without any resources.

In our conversation we shared lots of information and links to resources and groups doing this work of loving the stranger…

John Oliver did a great report last night (about 20 minutes) on Title 42 and what’s going on at the border.

Here’s the latest from the Presbyterian Church USA on the work that they’re doing with families and asylum seekers.

Here’s the website of Frontera de Cristo – the Presbyterian Mission Group working with frontier or border issues…  There is also other website for Presbyterian Border Ministries.

Here’s the Team Brownsville site Link (from the picture).

Look like you can donate via their website…if you click on the PayPal link/icon you get to this page…

This is another fabulous local group working on border – refugee – asylum – justice issues.  Rev. Deborah Les is presbyterian…. And amazing!!!

This is the church that exists across the border:  A congregation that spans the US-Mexico border

For more than a decade, Christians have worshiped together across the border wall.

Here’s the vigils that Ann is talking about.

Here’s the local stuff that Im4humanity is doing.

Here’s a new story of a Presbyterian Mission Worker who was arrested for leaving water for migrant…and thankfully released. 

Scott Warren found not guilty on two counts of felony harboring
Migrant aid volunteer’s retrial brings faith-based activists to Tucson.

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