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Godly Play Update :: Summer 2021

We met this past Sunday, to talk about our needs, hopes and dreams for our Children and Youth, in particular in our Godly Play Christian Education program as we look to re-start in person this Summer/Fall.

Beth Beatty led the conversation and recorded the overall ideas and desires.


July 11, 2021

We had a rich meeting on Sunday with excellent input from Pastor Monte, Dr.Dave Kittams, Cameron Beatty, Cheryl Winkley, student William Markley, Linda Davis, Bill and Beth Beatty present. Several of you also gave me feedback outside the meeting. Thank you!

I committed to report to you some of what we decided and proposed at this time. After a lot of conversation, sharing and collaborating, the following is what we decided to do for now:

  • We’ll begin the new Godly Play year after the middle of August. The exact date TBD.
  • We will continue to use the traditional GP curriculum, i.e., figures and stories that we used before the pandemic. Our public school teachers Cam and Cheryl advised that trying to do a hybrid in-person class and zoom class is too challenging for non-professional and perhaps tech-challenged teachers.
  • We can use the Power Point stories again if we need to supplement our stories.
  • We will take the children’s temps when they come on Sundays and have them avoid the sanctuary completely by going directly to the GP class room upstairs. They can exit down the back stairway from that room to the play area for extended play and refreshments after the story and crafts time. That will keep them safe and adults protected as well.
  • We would like to have older students act as counselors and Assistants-in-Training.

We will have some new Story Tellers, and they, especially, will need the assistance of the older children who know how the GP class time is structured and unfolds.

  • It was suggested that the First Sunday of the Month GP time be devoted to a service project or an activity that is different from our typical GP format – e.g., preparing food for homeless; writing letters or making cards; dramatizing a Bible story; helping with the Blessing Bags; focusing on a hobby; etc.
  • We need to recruit new Story Tellers and Door Keepers.
  • We hope some of our Middle School and High School Godly Players will volunteer to be Counselors-in-Training to serve as Door Keepers and/or Assistants.

Many thanks to our continuing Task Force: STORYTELLERS: Dr. Dave Kittams, Cameron Beatty, Bill Beatty, Beth Beatty.

Jeanne Haynes who joined GP during Zoom, has volunteered to be a GP Story Teller. She is a professional storyteller. She has both taught storytelling and told stories for many years! A great addition to our team!

Linda Davis has volunteered to continue managing our Activities Cupboard, keeping it stocked with all kinds of interesting supplies and materials. Many Thanks.

Fredora Darmstadt has volunteered to be either a Door Keeper or a Story Teller! She is already a trained GP pro who has been with our program since we began!

We continue to recruit Story Tellers and Door Keepers and Assistants.



Pastor Monte is a gifted youth leader and is guaranteed to gather a bunch of kids for fun and food and fellowship.

We’ll need volunteers to help plan and assist.

Cheryl Winkley has volunteered to help with the Youth program.

PLEASE CALL BETH  (510-851-2235) or MONTE (510-520-0746) if you have further ideas and/or…


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