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Easter Sunday Practice

The Empty Tomb | John 20:1-18 or Mark 16:1-20

We are on our tip-toes waiting, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic– for a new start! It’s a bit like how heaven and earth were on tiptoe waiting for the victory of Jesus over death that Easter Morning. It’s similar to how the Apostle Paul describes all of creation watching expectantly for the springing up of a disciplined, freely gathered, martyr people who know in this life the life and power of the Kingdom of God. It happened before, it can happen again. (Richard Foster)

In our worship celebration later today we’re sharing communion or the eucharist. The latter is the Greek word meaning to give thanks. It’s a meal, a gathering around a table, to give thanks for God, for one another, for life.

Our Easter community care packages for Easter are loaded with treats. Take a moment to savor some chocolate, a warm drink or a peep – give thanks for something or someone, for how God is alive in our world. If you live with other folks, take a moment to share your gratitude aloud with each other.

This past week we’ve voyaged both through the story of the passion of Jesus and through the tumultuous events of this past year. Resurrection doesn’t mean that evil, injustice, or death never happens again; but rather that God can redeem such destructive forces, bringing life from death. That’s the dynamic of resurrection power first put in motion by God, and that we continue today when we resist the forces of death and destruction, living into resurrection justice, power and life. Before the day ends think back through the numerous memories brought to your mind and awoken in your body in this past week.

Which linger as potential places for resurrection and new life?

How might they be God speaking to you today?

How have you been changed, or what you have heard in these past seven days that you want to hold onto going forward?

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We are a community of faith seeking to live God's will together: that space where the passions of our hearts and the needs of the world meet in our context of Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont. Our perspective is based from a Christian center, open to the mystery of God's presence in our world. Our core values are celebration, community & prayer. This blog is our avenue for program updates and information.

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