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Tamales For Oakland

Tamales for Sale

In their native Guatemala many families had to move often to “go where the work was.” My friend Sindy told me that every time her dad moved her family to a new place her mom would open up a new restaurant to help provide for the family. When her dad had to come to the US, because there was no work back home, he again brought the whole family but this time her mom could not open a restaurant. But the dream is still alive… for Sindy’s mom to use her cooking skills helping support the family and bring smiles to the faces of the people who taste her food. Sharing Food is Love!

At the prompting of pandemic there are some creative minds who think we can make Sindy’s mom’s dream a reality. What if we, members and friends of College Ave, were to start buying our Saturday night dinners (or save for other night) from moms like Sindy’s mom in our sister church in East Oakland. 

We would start with tamales and College Ave but what if we shared this idea with others, neighbors and friends, and gave them the opportunity to buy traditional indigenous food, made with love, that also supports some great families. 

The tamales are the traditional banana leaf wrapped tamales of Guatemala with a custard-like consistency. The tamales are made of corn masa with fillings of chicken, beef or pork. They are a generous meal size tamale and can be complemented with rice or beans and chips for a complete meal if you like.  Many Guatemalan families eat tamales every Saturday night. 

The details…
    •    Tamales are ordered on the Wednesday before the Saturday afternoon delivery. 

    •    There is a dozen minimum per order. They keep refrigerated for a week and frozen for a month, can be easily heated in a microwave and are great for sharing. You can always split an order with someone else. 

    •    Your tamales will be delivered to you cold in a returnable insulated bag. You can also pick your tamales up hot at College Avenue Presbyterian Church on Friday nights between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. 

    •    You can order your tamales by completing this online Google Form [FORM LINK]

    •    You can pay for your tamales with cash, check “Farm2cup” or PayPal as friend-to-friend (no service charge) at PayPal account “” 

    •    $3.00 each so $36 per doz. If you have been ordering food delivered you know what a great deal this is. We hope in the near future to add rice and beans to our offering for a full dinner. We also hope to add other traditional indigenous foods from Central America.

    •    Your $3.00 will not only create jobs for our cooks but also help raise money to feed others. So many of the kids in East Oakland are not getting enough to eat with school breakfast and lunch programs disrupted. 

    •    All tips go directly to those in need of food support. A 20% tip could make a world of difference in this time of pandemic. 

– Rev. Karl Shadley


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