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Circles of Life at CAPC Oakland

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Today we’re launching what Monte is calling the “Circles of Life.” They are being led by several members of our church community. Their objective is to maintain regular communication with each person in our community. It’s our way to stay connected through the model of a classic phone tree. These people caring for each circle then compose a circle that Pastor Monte will care for.

Those caring for Circles of Life include Fredora Darmstadt,  Richard Harvey,  Chuck Marut, Elaine Price,  Patt Schroeder, Myrna Shadley,  & Marda Stothers.


The parameters of the Circles of Life are:

1. Each person will get a call, or another form of contact every 3 days.

2. It’s up to each grouping to decide how best for you to communicate…it could be text, calls, emails…who knows.

3. This is a mutual conversation way in which we can share and identify help we may need and may be able to give with concrete things such as help with shopping and/or food, we have folks already committed to doing just that for our community members.

4. If you’re comfortable with it you can pray together and for each other in your contacts, calls, text messages.

to pray with your people on the phone, or by text/email.  You can ask them what they’re concerned about, maybe you can even share your prayers as the intent is for this to be a mutual relationship.

5. Many people are already feeling lonely and isolated.  So part of this call might be listening.   Remember that our website is the best place for information where Monte be putting up and sharing some videos with worship resources and starting some daily conference calls that people can join to share and communicate together.

While the Circles might seem like too much now for some, they might be just enough or not enough for others. Calling each other might seem like a small thing, but it isn’t. Here’s part of a message I received from a congregation member this Sunday which points to the spiritual hunger and social isolation we’re already experiencing:

There are Sundays when I miss church. However, it feels different to know that the church isn’t open. It really feels like the world is shut down. I’ve been on the phone most of the morning though with people but it still seems like a very strange day. It feels like the world has changed. Maybe it has?

Peace and grace to you. May we all be courageous and kind in our actions and words.


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