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Friday Night Meal Protocol in time of COVID-19

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At CAPC Oakland, we have committed to offering a free meal each Friday in particular during this uncertain COVID-19 time as the poor and those on the margins are the first to be forgotten in times of crisis. We did serve dinner this past Friday as the world seemed to be closing down, and learned a few tips from that adapted effort. With that practical wisdom, here are the best practices for us going forward in our common effort to respond to the hungers of Oakland.



1. We will serve the weekly dinners from 6-7pm on Fridays as usual – but to go. The downstairs dining room at the church is largely inadequate to respond to recommended needs around social distancing.

2. The meal will be served on the sidewalk with a line of tables along which folks can walk to receive their food, and even get a hot cup of coffee.

3. We will set up 2-3 smaller tables in the sidewalk area in front of the church garden for those who do wish to sit down to eat, or who have no place to go.

4. We will appropriately disinfectant all tables, chairs, etc. before and after each meal.

5. Those serving the food will wear gloves to hygiene. 3-5 people are really all that’s needed. It takes roughly 45 minutes to set things up and 30 to take them all down. People who do not wish to be in contact with lots of others could still help by setting up/taking down/disinfecting tables and chairs.

6. Those serving will give out salt/pepper, cream/sugar to minimize touching and potential germ spreading.

7. We will allow folks to use the gym bathroom if/as needed.

8. Cook teams can prepare the meals in our church kitchen, which should be fine for 3-5 people. Or you can prepare/assemble the food at your homes, or at another designated site.

9. If you and your group do not, or cannot do a meal that you’ve signed up for I ask that you give me at least 5 days’ advanced notice to try to fill the void. We are committed to feeding folks so if a team can’t do the meal I need to find another solution. If you do not wish to do the meal you can still give financially, and potentially provide food (adapted to a to-go format) for a meal.

10. If you have a question or comment that needs a speedy response call or text Monte. Know that we all are busy and overwhelmed, know too that the meal is only a part of the responsibilities I have for people in need and so my email box is fuller than usual.

11. To stay aware of events and information around our church community and campus you can do so via our website which I will maintain daily at

12. We will continue to organize our meals via our shared Google Sheet Calendar.
Please be sure to share your menu ideas as your creativity can help others in their planning.

13. Below are some pictures of what and how we’ll set things up.




Remember that in times of crisis, the poor, elderly and those on the margins are most often the first overlooked.  Let us love our neighbor without neither fear nor naiveté.


Pastor Monte

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