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Faith in the Public Square: Mid-Terms

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How do we testify to our hope and faith in a time of despair and division? How do we articulate and live our faith in the public square when all too often religiosity is regulated to the private sphere or monopolized by political partisanship.

We’re working to create a vibrant space in public for conversation, collaboration and creation in a time of diatribes, division and destruction. On Tuesdays between now and the mid-term elections, we are working to create a sanctuary space in public for sharing prayers and hopes, fears and doubts. Participants can articulate their prayers on paper, placing them in the nets as a symbol of our community catching and holding the cares and concerns of our community.


You can help us create such a sanctuary space on Tuesdays through November as well as during election day when we’ll open the sanctuary throughout the days for anyone to come in for quiet prayer and reflection.

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