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Debriefing the Women’s March


Debriefing the Women’s March @ CAPC Oakland

A thing to note is that more than half of our congregation participated.

A group of church members gathered together on Sunday, January 29th to talk together about the Women’s March, debriefing our different experiences in conversation and looking together towards next steps of action, reflection and contemplation.

Here are the notes of our sharing session…..


Why did you march?

  • I’m concerned about issues regarding diversity (like immigration, Black Lives Matter). I don’t want us to go backwards.
  • It wasn’t to show opposition, but to show solidarity with and support of those who are afraid of the promised policies of our new government.I wanted to express my question: “Will our leadership listen to me?”
  • I wanted to be counted, included in the number.
  • I liked the hat idea, the visibility aspect of it.
  • I don’t like the word “march.” If feels violent, militaristic. It was more of a peaceful walk.
  • I appalled that after all these years I still have to march for rights.
  • It was wonderful to experience the creation of community online, via Facebook, etc.
  • The generosity of people, not seeking financial profit, was amazing and encouraging.
  • I wanted my girls to know that that they’re not alone, that they don’t have to tolerate the threat of sexual assault.
  • I loved that it started on a grass roots level.
  • to say that women deserve respect.
  • Because of my concern regarding health care and the repealing of the ACA.
  • A lot of what is important is going on underground, underneath everything else, in a subversive way.
  • Because you didn’t have to spend money to participate (such as buy a plane ticket to go to DC).
  • I’m distressed by the rapidity of change.
  • I loved the generosity of donations and donors (like posters, etc.) , the solidarity of those who participated.


Next Steps. Action to undertake individually or together.

  • We need to encourage the Press to be vigilant in their research and reporting, by supporting them financially and through donations.
  • We need to support Non-profits such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Outlets, working to protect civil rights.
  • How do we process all of the information that we’ve received (are receiving)?
  • How do I find my spiritual center in this mess?
  • We need to write to congress members, in particular targeting districts other than our own which are clearly blue. Maybe we should have cards (filled out or blank) in the foyer for people to pick up on Sundays
  • We could created a group of action – for organizational support and to implement community action.
  • We need to listen to people who have different opinions and perspectives. How do we translate that into a concrete, doable action? How do we get out of our bubbles
  • We need to bridge the divide
  • I want to act out of kindness, not anger, in a Christian Way.
  • The public library is our alley in these values.
  • Sharing information is helpful, we could intentionally resource our “existing” small groups within our church community.
  • As a Christian, I cannot keep quiet.
  • How can I – We – act to support ;
    • refugees?;
    • immigrants?
    • Muslims?


How can we organize within our church community?
How do we want to?
Who wants to be involved?


Did you participate in the march in Oakland, or elsewhere?  Feel free to leave a comment about why you marched, and what you think are some next steps to undertake.

2 comments on “Debriefing the Women’s March

  1. gary and caroline
    January 31, 2017

    Thank you for summarizing the great comments from our congregation! Yesterday, I was at Primera Iglesia; I dropped off an unneeded computer, and some clothes, which Irma said were immediately taken up by her members. She is such a warm heart, and a great intermediary! We are so fortunate that you put us in contact with them!

    Many of their congregation are central American. While they aren’t Muslim, they are definitely going to be in the next round of refugee exclusions, with the Mexican wall, and the pushback from the Mexican Govt!

  2. Monte McClain
    January 31, 2017

    I think we may have a concrete opportunity for action with them, an active expression of solidarity and possibly fundraising for immigration representation related expenses. I need to do a bit more inquiring and research. I’m thinking that we could potentially make our annual Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras pancake dinner into a organizing session for information and relationships, and possibly for fundraising as needed.

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