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Godly Play News | Summer/Fall 2016

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Godly Play Summer/Fall 2016 News@CAPCOakland 

THIS COMING SUNDAY :: July 10, 2016
We start the mid-summer months with a new and very old story – the story of the Fall – or in GP language, “The Falling Apart” Jerome Berryman, the writer of the GP stories, focuses on how God made everything together/holding together and in harmony. We still see that harmony in the billions of stars and galaxies of the Creation… all holding together for millennia. With Adam and Eve’s disobedience and separation from God came all sorts of divisions – good and evil; obedience and disobedience; life and death; happiness and sadness; war and peace, love and hate, flowers and weeds, etc.
So begins the addition of our new stories which expands and builds on ones that the children have already heard. This Sunday Beth will tell the story, “The Falling Apart”, and David will be our Doorkeeper. Hope you will be there!

NEW STORIES IN THE NEW YEAR – beginning July 10
I’m excited about the coming year – we are adding eleven Old Testament stories that the children haven’t heard before, including the stories of Adam and Eve and of King David. These stories will fill in the basic stories that we have already been telling. Of course, we need to purchase all the figures and props that make the stories come alive. The figures and props are hand made and will last many years and they are costly. The figures and props for each story average $100 each. Our church always budgets for our Godly Play program, but this year we have exceeded our budget! So if any of you would like to contribute a little extra toward a story, please do! You can write a check to CAPC or send cash in an envelope, marked “Godly Play”.

Thanks so much!

  • Beth Beatty


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