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Men’s Breakfast :: June 2016 edition


Dear Brothers,

Before I head down to San Luis Obispo (to play in Cal Poly’s Alumni Band concert this coming weekend) I wanted to remind you all of our “3rd Saturday/mo. Men’s Breakfast” gathering scheduled for Saturday, June 18th, 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m., at my place. Our last gathering on May 15th proved a positive experience, as have our previous breakfasts. Bob Bevier continues to engage us in leading us through Psalm 139. The logging-in of the brothers coupled with Thom Faulkner’s introduction at his “first” meeting with us (since he works in the ship passenger business and is literally “out to sea” most of the time) reinforced why we choose to meet monthly, valuing what’s going on in each others’ lives. Pstr. Monte contributed an inspirational insight on how we can effect change, as in being that light which makes a positive impact upon others. Several shared situations where such a positive influence made a difference. On-going presentations, topics for discussion, projects, etc. will be determined by the group as it moves along.
For Prayer and Praise: Dave Kittams had a very successful hip replacement surgery (walking out of the hospital the day following surgery!); Jeff Trowbridge underwent knee replacement surgery (which will require several weeks of convalescence and therapy). Mike Castner has experienced a broken bone in his foot, requiring a walking cast and several weeks of convalescence at home. I’m sure that Jeff and Mike would appreciate an email or card from any of us.

In addition, Michael Mendonca got his bicycle stolen (which he is so dependent upon), motivating Al & Joy Barnes to offer Joy’s bike to Michael this past Sunday. So touching!

Looking forward to seeing you at our Breakfast Gathering, and feel free to invite a friend. Again, we will be looking forward to Bob’s work with Psalm 139, our sharing of “what’s up,” Pstr. Monte’s ‘Good Word,’ and whatever else comes up. Just let me know if you’re planning to attend or not, to insure adequate preparations,

In Prayer and In A Spirit of Expectation,
Brother Bill

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We are a community of faith seeking to live God's will together: that space where the passions of our hearts and the needs of the world meet in our context of Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont. Our perspective is based from a Christian center, open to the mystery of God's presence in our world. Our core values are celebration, community & prayer. This blog is our avenue for program updates and information.

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