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The Vocabulary of Faith – Atonement Theories – 11.2.2014

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The Vocabulary of Faith

Bible Study Resources for Sunday November 2, 2014
We’re continuing the discussion we began last week about the “Atonement.”
That’s to say the way in which we talk about how the
death and resurrection of Jesus changes the world.

This Sunday we’re meeting again to discuss this, aiming to work on how
we ourselves can articulate this ourselves.

Below are the notes from our class time:

Theories of Atonement
aka responses to the question :
“How does the death and resurrection of Jesus change the world?”

1. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice because he is without sin.  His death appeases God’s wrath for all of us for all time.

2. Jesus in his death and life satisfied the payment that is due to God because of sin.

3. Jesus defeats the power of Evil & Satan in a cosmic battle, his victory delivers all from Satan’s dominion and the power of sin.

4. Jesus lives a perfect life, his violent death exposes the bankruptcy of our world, undoing evil with selfless good, instigating a transforming model of us to follow in the recreation of the world.

I recall that we were going to continue the conversation, potentially with a focus upon aspects of this question.  If you have a different memory of our time, or can help me to be more precise in directing our conversation please contact me by email [email LINK]

Some additional reading that may be helpful
– but which are not at all required –
are linked to this email below.

Notes Written by Monte about the Theories of Atonement

A selection on the Atonement by author Daniel Migliore

A Selection on the Atonement by author Shirley Guthrie

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