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Godly Play For Adults | Session 3 | Fall 2014

Thursday evenings, 7-8:15Anchor p.m.,
Sept. 11 through Oct. 16,
at First Presbyterian Church
in the Reception Room

2619 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

In story and song, Di Pagel and Greg Murai will guide participants through stories that illustrate how people
—individually and as a community experience God’s presence and how that awareness  impacts their lives.

In a time of “wondering” together, each person in the circle has an opportunity  to be silent or share their observations about the story.  The goal is for individuals  to come to their own personal and unique understanding.

Additional time  allows persons to choose, as the spirit moves them, contemplative prayer, study of the original text or commentaries, paper for recording individual reactions and questions, creative activities, or silent reflection, at different stations around the room.
The circle then gathers again, for music, prayers of the people, a simple agape “feast” and a closing song.

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