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Thinking Theologically :: April 2014 | Atonement

Wednesday, April 30th 7:30pm
at the church
The essential belief underneath Christian faith is that the death and resurrection of Jesus changes the universe.
But why did Jesus have to die to do it?
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Theologically this question is called “The Atonement.”  It’s how we understand the foundation of faith.  It’s what sets Christianity apart from other faiths.  How do you understand it?  Was it a sacrifice?  Was it a consequence of his radical lifestyle?  Was it a battle between heaven and hell?  Is it simply an example of how we are to live?  Did you know that in the Bible there are actually several different perspectives presented?  These are commonly called “atonement theories.”
Join us for an evening of teaching and discussion around this key theological concept on Wednesday April 23rd.
The night will consist of no more than 45 minutes of teaching,
followed by 30-45 minutes of discussion. Look for concise preparatory reading on our church blog, under “Thinking Theologically” (to appear by the end of this week).  This is a time of safe, open, real conversation, in which Monte will be aiming to provide attendees with theological ideas (in a concise, simple manner), so that they can use their own language to explain how they understand, apply and live the promise of resurrection life received through Christ by his death on the cross.
Resources  online at
This is a new teaching series, proposed by Monte, seeking to empower attendees to verbalize their faith in a coherent, personal and pertinent way.

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