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Church in the Park | October 20, 2013

Church in the Park

We’re taking church on the road to celebrate being a church community and to have fun together!  Worship is at 10:30am followed by a picnic and time together.  This is a great way to worship God in the outdoors, have fun and to develop deeper relationships among us as we often don’t have the time to connect for more than 5 minutes on a Sunday!



What to bring:

  • We have a pre-assigned picnic area which is roughly 300 yards from the parking lot.  It contains several wood picinic tables, charcoal grills for barbecuing, a water fountain and trash cans.  A playground is within sight and easy walking distance.
  • You can bring lawn chairs, blankets
  • Bring something to grill (chicken, burgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers)
  • Bring a dish to share with others – your favorite appetizer, potato salad or desert (for example)
  • Bring something to drink.
  • The church will supply paper products and coffee to start off the day!
  • Bring cards or your favorite board game to play!
  • We should be in the sun by 10:30, and it might be a wee bit chilly at first.  Bring a jacket or scarf.

churh-picnic_t   OutdoorWorship601x379


14Temescal Regional Recreation Area is located next to the Highway 24/Highway 13 interchange in Oakland. Limited parking is available at the south end, accessible from Broadway Terrace.  This is the best parking lot to use for our event.  There should be enough room for all of us.  There is no charge for parking on October 20th.

There is also extra ample parking  available at the north end of the park, accessible from Broadway.. To reach the larger north end lot from the south end, drive east on Broadway Terr., go under Highway 13 and turn left onto the Highway 13 on ramp. Transition onto Highway 24 east (Walnut Creek), exit at Old Tunnel Road, and turn right at the exit onto Broadway and proceed west to the north end parking lot entrance on the left.  You’ll have to thus walk around the lake (not really that far if you’re up for the sport) to find us at our church spot.

We will be at the PARKVIEW PICNIC AREA.  You can locate it on the map below.  It’s on the north-eastern side of the lake just below Hwy 13.

The site is accessible to the parking lots with flat paved pathways.  The picnic area is up a very slight hard dirt incline – raising very slowly no more than 5 feet.  If that is problematic for you contact Monte so that we can help.

If you need transportation help to and from the park please contact the office, or signup on the online signups lists – (look at

We will have a worship service, adapted and appropriate for our choice of being outside and intentional effort to develop deeper relationships among us.

Follow this link for a more detailed Temescal map

More about Lake Temescal Regional Recreation Area

History of Lake Temescal Park

Originally constructed as a storage lake for drinking water, Temescal opened to the public in 1936 as one of the District’s first three parks. The handsome stone building overlooking its lake was constructed in 1940 by Works Progress Administration crews.

Hiking at  Lake Temescal Park

A paved trail running the length of the park is wheelchair accessible. STAY ON TRAILS to help control erosion and to minimize contact with poison oak, which is abundant.

Fishing at Lake Temescal Park

The lake is stocked periodically with rainbow trout through the winter months and catfish in the summer. Other fish in residence include largemouth bass, red-eared sunfish, bluegill. Fishing is not allowed from the dam, in the swimming area, or in the stream.

Dogs a Lake Temescal Park

Dogs are allowed and they have to be on leash while at the park.

Biking at Lake Temescal Park

Bicycle restrictions apply within the park. Please observe posted restrictions. Bicycles must stay on the paved East Shore Trail or on the paved bike path along the park’s eastern boundary, and riders must observe the 5 mph speed limit. During the summer swim season (April-September) bicycles must be walked through the swim beach area.

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