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Out & About | Sunday, October 6th

This Sunday is the Out & About street festival in Rockridge, the yearly celebration of the neighborhood in which our church lives.  Some things to know about Sunday include:
PARKING:  College Avenue will be closed starting at 6am to all cars.  I’d suggest you park in the Dryer’s Parking Lot behind the church that day.
NOISE:  It might be a bit noisier than usual on the avenue as folks will be setting up the festival while we gather for worship.
Sunday is one of the unique days in the year in which hundreds, maybe a thousand people will walk along and maybe enter into our building.  It’s a chance to connect with others to let them know that we’re a church, and that we’re open for business 🙂  Many people walk or drive by the church without realizing that it is a church due in large part to the warm, and subtle architecture.
We have 2 principal ways that we as a church community are trying to connect with people on Sunday:
For the past few years we’ve been offering free face painting for children in the front yard.  We talk with families, building new relationships.  We also then have taken a free will offering for the face painting all of which we have given to specific mission or non-profit social work projects (in the past we’ve done well-building in India and Heifer International).  Would you be willing to invest 45 minutes to do this on Sunday between 12:00-3:00?

That sounds scary, but it’s not.  I’ve spent some time this week redacting a one page brochure talking about how and when Julia Morgan built our church building.  Ms. Morgan is a big draw for passerbys and East Bay citizens because of her story.  This is a chance for folks to not just walk by, but to also come in and see our space through a brochure-guided tour.  You don’t have to do anything – or know how to explain things.  It’s really a matter of standing, or sitting, near the front steps and welcoming interested people with a smile, a hello and a brochure.  Would you be willing to invest 45 minutes to do this on Sunday between 12:00-3:00?
CLICK on the following LINK to get to the online tour sign up sheet.
Thank you for your partnership and help!  I’m looking forward to a fun day!

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