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Worship Seminar Discussion 3

Join us this coming Sunday,  10/14 @ 9:15am for our next group discussion about worship as we reflect and exchange regarding the proposed reading from the book Comeback Churches. [Read more about the book on Amazon].  Created after surveying 300 churches that came back, or turned themselves around from decline to growth, the proposed readings for this week talk specifically about worship: music, ambience, preaching and liturgy.  [Here’s a link to the READING in case you didn’t yet get a paper version.]

As you read ask yourself the following questions as guides:

1.  What grabs you in the reading, or troubles/challenges you?  Why?

2.  How does it relate to what we are living and imagining at CAPC?

Here’s a video excerpt from one of the book authors if you might find that fun and helpful.

See you Sunday – Monte

About capcoakland

We are a community of faith seeking to live God's will together: that space where the passions of our hearts and the needs of the world meet in our context of Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont. Our perspective is based from a Christian center, open to the mystery of God's presence in our world. Our core values are celebration, community & prayer. This blog is our avenue for program updates and information.

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