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Godly Play :: Fall 2012

Dear Parents and friends of the children at CAPC,

We’re excited about the start of a new Godly Play year at CAPC. We love when your children come and enjoy the stories and the play of the program. The Godly Play program [program description] follows a chronological string of events from the Old Testament and the New Testament this fall. The first three stories in September begin at the beginning and set a great foundation for the rest of the stories. We hope your child will not have to miss any of them. If someone does miss, the stories stand alone, and your child will be able to jump right back into the class.

Some favorite stories are told this fall. A child recently asked, “When are we going to hear the “Noah and the Flood” story?” Soon!

The same Godly Play story will be offered at both the 10:30am and the 5:00pm services.

Each Sunday we have a team of two teachers – the Story Teller and the Door Keeper. Be sure to meet them! They are prepared to work with your children and to make the Godly Play experience a good one to which your children will want to return.

Following are the stories we will tell, the dates, and the Scripture references which we invite you to read, so you can engage your child in thoughtful and open-ended conversation about what they are learning and doing each Sunday. Of course, if you would ever like to sit in on a story, just let us know – you won’t be bored!

Please note that the first Sunday of each month is Communion, and we invite you to bring your children to the service – Pastor Monte is gifted in making the service “kid friendly”.

– Beth Beatty

Sept 9 –

Communion – Family Worship  (no Godly Play)


Sept 16 –


(When God made everything and it was good.)

Genesis 1:1-2:3

Sept  23 – 

“The Flood and the Ark”  

(includes a beautifully crafted Ark and Animals)   

Genesis 6:5-9:17


Sept 30 –

“The Great Family” –   

(The story of Abraham and Sarah in the desert – kids love the  “desert” (sand) box)

Genesis 12 – 15, 24


Oct 7 –  

Communion – Family Worship 

(no Godly Play)


Oct 14  –

”The Exodus”

(Moses and the Hebrew people fleeing Egypt)


Oct 21  –

”The Ten Best Ways”

(Moses and the Ten Commandments)

Exodus 20:1-17; Deuteronomy 5:1-21



Oct 28 –

“The Ark and the Tent”

(How the Hebrew people experienced God’s presence as they lived and moved in the desert)

Exodus 25-31, 35-40


Nov 4 –

Communion – Family Worship 

(no Godly Play)


Nov 11 –

“The Promised Land”

(Joshua leads the people into the Promised Land)

Joshua 1-4


Nov 18 –

“The Ark and the Temple”

(A house for God; includes building a model of the Temple with its parts)

1 Kings 5-8; 2 Chronicle 2-8


Nov 25 – 

“The Exile and Return”

(God’s presence with the people when they were in exile)

2 Kings25; 2 Chronicles 36:13-23; Ezra; Nehemiah


Dec 2 – Communion – Family Worship 

(no Godly Play)


Dec 9 – 

“The Prophets and Mary & Joseph”

(The prophets point the way)

Isaiah 2:9,2; John 1:5


Dec 16 –

“The Shepherds and the Wise Men”

Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2


Dec 23 –

“Christmas – Meeting the Christ Child”

Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2


Dec 30 –


(The Wise Men’s gifts – review of the whole Christmas story)

Jan 6 –

Communion – Family Worship 

(no Godly Play)


Jan 13 –

The Boy Jesus in the Temple” 

(When Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus)

Luke 2:41-52


Jan 20 –  

“Jesus is Baptized”

(in the River Jordan)

Matthew 3; Mark 1:1-11; Luke 3:1-22

 Jan 27 –

“Jesus in the Wilderness”

(When Jesus was tempted after his baptism)

Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-15

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