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Recreation VBS 2012 Information for the Week


We are looking forward to our week of camp together at Recreation VBS.  This year we are meeting at

College Avenue Presbyterian Church

5951 College Avenue
Oakland, 94618



Parking can at times be difficult and the Oakland Police are always out giving tickets.  So don’t park illegally and be sure to feed the meter.  There is free 2 hour parking on the side streets running into College Ave.  Try Chabot, Claremont and Harwood Ave.  There is all day free parking along 60th off Claremont Ave.

The neighborhood is filled with cafés and fun places to hang out.  We recommend Spasso’s, Old Brooklyn Bagels (see back for a discount), Toast, Zachary’s, Dryer’s and Barclay’s.  Plus you can always do a Trader Joe’s run at drop off or pick up.


Each day we’ll meet from 9:00am – 4:00pm with registration opening at 8:45am.  We’ll send home daily information and family discussion questions on paper & by email.

Each day of camp as a theme and special afternoon activities.


Wear a crazy hat – or even a non-crazy one.  In the afternoon will be working with Rockridge Community Planning Council [RCPC] to clean-up FROG Park (Claremont & Hudson).  Your camper should wear good walking shoes, bring sunscreen and weeding tools, rakes &/or gloves.


Come with a crazy updo, or use our hair sprays and gels to create your own hairstyle.  In the afternoon we’re picking up trash throughout Rockridge.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and good walking shoes, and maybe even a hat.


The afternoon is dedicated to water play.  Come in or with your suit and a towel, maybe even water shoes.


Halloween is in only 69 days!  Try out your outfit today at camp.

Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you can’t last in your costume all day long.


Come in your team color for the day.  It’s also a longer day with our work serving the Friday Night Meal at College Ave. Church & our art show.  You may want a sweatshirt.


Lunch is included in the price for camp as well as daily snack times in the morning and afternoon.  We try to use quality real foods, avoiding Hydrogenated Fats and reducing factory foods.  And we are also limited to our budget.  Within those parameters we aim to offer quality, fun, tasty food.  If your camper has special food allergies please be sure to tell us at registration on Monday.


In order to ensure the safety of all our campers we ask that you sign them in and out in the morning and afternoon when they arrive and depart.  Camp is in a busy, heavy foot-traffic area so we want to ensure that every camper is where and with whom they’re supposed to be.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


A half hour of music and a Bible story telling of a child/teenager who experienced God’s presence in their life and then changed the world.  We’re wrestling all day long with the notion that children are people too, as loved, needed and important as adults are to God and our world.

The morning is consecrated to art classes .  This year we’re proud to have Brandon Jones, Anglie Wilson (returning), and Ms. Leonardo (aka Bonnie Allen) leading our campers in visual art creation and skill growth.

Lunch includes a time of free time – play, crafts, games and rest.

The afternoons are consecrated to community service (and fun) throughout our part of Oakland.  Some of our opportunities to serve our city range from park clean up, to neighborhood beautification and serving the hungry homed and homeless.  We’ll also have times to learn from Oaklanders making a difference in our shared city!


Friday is a longer day than the others.  We are preparing and serving the Friday Night Dinner that College Avenue Presbyterian Church prepares and serves each week for 85 hungry homed and homeless individuals from 6-7pm.  Campers will help set-up, cook, prepare and serve the meal – all while being supervised by camp staff and church community leaders.

From 7:00-8:00pm we’ll be having our art show in the College Avenue Presbyterian Sanctuary [enter off College Ave].  Bring your family  to see what your camper has created during the week, meet the artist teachers and connect with other camp families!

If you’d like to help out with camp please talk with Monte at any time.

We are in need of :

Rakes, weeding tools to borrow for Monday’s work project in Frog Park.  Label any tools you loan.

Cardboard boxes for Thursday’s craft project based on The Big Orange Spot.

As we prepare and serve the CAPC weekly Friday Night Meal for the hungry homed and homeless from 6-7pm.  Talk to Monte to help.

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